The majority of Shopify E-Commerce Traffic is from Mobile.
Let's not take a chance!


"Where to apply discount code?"

After all the hard work and money spent on ads to acquire the customer, We hope you deserve a better conversion rate!

  • Low Conversion Rate due to customers unable to find on where to coupon code option.
  • Waste of time for both parties in case of a query.
  • Sale delayed.
  • Requires Shopify Owners' immediate attention and needed a prompt reply.
  • Customer Experience Issue.


Simple and easy steps to follow on your Shopify Store


we fixed the problem forever.

Happy Sales!

How about a Coffee?

Not any more! We have a fix for you.

Its minimalistic, easy, and most importantly DIY

With over 1 Million Shopify Stores across the globe, we believe that this fix could benefit all the Shopify owners on the platform. As a whole, this would potentially increase the sales in millions of dollars by increased conversion rates avoided through mobile abandoned sales. A world-class solution for a world-class problem.

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